How to take care of men’s shirts

A polished shirt speaks volumes about your personality. Your attire and appearance are so important that it can significantly impact your career prospects, social and personal relationships, and your overall confidence. On Red Chief, you can buy men’s shirts online in various colours and patterns, but taking care of them is absolutely essential to preserve their lifespan, save money and to put your best foot forward.

Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your shirts:

  1. Wash in cool water

Always wash your shirts in cool water. Washing them on high temperature will make the fabric brittle and eventually rip. After the first wash, the fabric of the shirt shrinks, usually no more than 5-7 percent if you follow the instructions. So, bear this mind while you buy men’s shirts online.

  1. Avoid Unreliable Detergents

When it comes to doing laundry for your shirts, avoid the use of dodgy detergents as these tend to erode the fabric, and always remember to remove the collarbones before washing.

  1. Don’t Dry Clean

Try to avoid dry cleaning as much as possible. If at all you do dry clean make sure to wash occasionally to eliminate the dry cleaning fluid. The same goes for starching -it will also shorten your shirt’s lifespan.

  1. Avoid Antiperspirants

The marks you get under your arms are from Aluminum-based antiperspirants, and this will rot the stitching under the arms.  Thus, you should use a deodorant and not an antiperspirant

  1. Iron the Shirts

Pressing men’s shirts carefully is very important to prevent the fabric from getting worn out on the face. So, make sure to iron them with plenty of steam.


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