How to Loosen Tight Shoes

Isn’t it the most uncomfortable and upsetting thing to know that your brand new pair of men’s shoes are too tight on your feet and you are not able to go around in them? But there is nothing to worry.There are multiple ways to loosen your tight shoes. A few of them are:

 Stuff wet newspaper

Stuffing wet newspapers into your tight shoes helps in opening them up. Collect a good amount of newspapers, wet them and stuff them into your shoes. Give it some time to dry. Post this, you will find that your tight shoes would have opened up a little more.


Heat your shoes

 Heating your shoes using a hairdryer is a good way to loosen tight shoes.  Wear a pair of thick socks and then the tight shoes. Now, using a hairdryer heat the areas of the shoe where it feels maximum tight. As you heat the shoes, move your toes to move the shoe material. This helps considerably in making your shoe more comfortable.


Spray shoes with rubbing alcohol

 Make a solution consisting of equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water. Spray the solution on the shoes and wear them quickly before they dry up. This will surely help to make your shoes more comfortable to wear.


Stuff socks

 Collect a few socks, roll them into balls and stuff them into the tight shoes. Keep them aside overnight and you’ll find that your men’s leather shoes have loosened up the next morning.


Wear at home

 Rather than feeling uncomfortable outside of your home in your new casual shoes, wear them at home and walk around for a long time. This will help to loosen it up.


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