4 Ways to Wear Men’s Leather Slippers in Style

Everybody knows that it’s important to dress according to the season. Equally important is choosing your footwear as per the current season. You don’t want to wear shoes and socks during the sweaty summers or the rainy days. The best footwear you can wear in these climates are leather slippers. The comfort that this footwear can give you is unmatched. They can also be stylishly worn with a variety of men’s apparel and it’s time that you up your style game using these. Look up on Red Chief to buy stylish men’s leather slippers online at affordable rates.

Benefits of using men’s leather slippers

These are extremely breathable and keep your feet cool during the summers. And, during the monsoons, they don’t let you face issues like sores, blisters, frostbites and the like that wet socks and shoes could give you. They are extremely lightweight. So, they are a versatile type of footwear. They also, interestingly, take way less space in your suitcase while you pack for a weekend getaway.

Ways to style your look with leather slippers

Here a few ideas you could use to look swanky wearing men’s slippers:

  1.  With casual trousers: Pair your simple leather slippers for men with lightweight cotton or linen trousers. You could wear your t-shirt and trousers and match them with black casual leather slippers from Red Chief and go out on a trip with your friends on the weekend.
  2.   With shorts:  Wearing denim and other shorts with casual shirt is the look of the season. This ensemble makes you look uber-chic and dapper. Put together a cool look with your denim shorts, casual white t-shirt and a casual check shirt on top of it and complete the look with men’s slippers.
  3.  With short suits-Short suits have seen their popularity soar over the last few years. They are a completely different take on formal wear and totally suit the summers. Although leather slippers for men come under the casual footwear range, they can still be paired with short suits to get heads turning around you. Buy men’s leather slippers online on Red Chief and own the swankiest footwear you can ever get.
  4.   With traditional Indian wear:  Leather slippers are perfect to wear with all kinds of Indian outfits for men, be it the traditional dhoti pants , pyjamas or your Indo-western suits.  The slippers match perfectly well with these outfits and give you a very elegant look overall. Shop online for men’s leather slippers on Red Chief to get the best quality footwear at  the most reasonable prices.

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