How to Make Leather Shoes Last Longer

Leather shoes need to be cleaned and moisturized regularly so that it lasts longer. Red Chief has a wide range of leather footwear including formal and casual shoes, slippers, sandals and more. It’s important that you take special care of these footwear as they can last really long if proper cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protecting is done for them. Here are a few factors to keep in mind while taking care of leather shoes:

1.Invest in good quality leather shoes

First and foremost, make sure you invest in good quality leather shoes. Just like any other product, buying good quality leather will pay off in the long run. It will have the capability to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, and you won’t have to replace them often. Especially, if you are investing in men’s leather shoes, then make sure you buy from a good shoe brand.

  1. Protect the Soles

Protecting the sole of the shoe is the most important thing to do if you want it to last long. The reason being that it is the sole that takes the brunt of the daily beating. Hence, it is important that you use sole protectors for your shoes.

  1. Stuff with Newspaper

You often find shoes stuffed with newspaper in stores. This is actually quite beneficial and you can do this to your leather shoes at home as well. This practice helps to get rid of odour, dry the shoes out if it is wet, prevent dry rot and preserve their shape.

  1. Spray Shoes with a Water Repellent

This is something that must be done mandatorily. Waterproofing your shoes protects them from all the harmful elements, especially during the winter season. It is also helpful to avoid stains. Hence, the next time you buy formal or casual leather shoes for men online, do not forget to buy a water repellent spray as well.

  1. Store in a Safe Place

Storing your leather shoes in the wrong place can contribute towards it getting damaged to a large extent. Hence, be it a pair of men’s casual leather footwear or the formal one, placing it in the right spot will avoid the shoes from getting faded, scratched and other damages. Keep your shoes away from sunlight and don’t carelessly throw them in the closet.

  1. Use a Shoehorn

Many a times you find it difficult to easily slide your feet into a leather shoe with lace. When you need to struggle a little to place your feet inside, it results in crunching of the heel collar. You can avoid this entirely and keep the heel collars in good condition by always using a shoehorn.  

  1. Clean your Dress Shoes Regularly

Keep your dress shoes sparkling by spot cleaning them after every wear.  Once you clean them apply polish over any scuffs or marks that are there on the shoe. Practising this regularly can help your shoe last very long.

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