5 Dress Shoes that Every Man Should Own

Dressing to a formal event demands you to look your sophisticated best! Whether you are attending a formal party, a date or a job interview, the way you present yourself reflects how important you consider the particular occasion is. While your clothes form a very important part of how you present yourself, your shoes are no less important. The more suave your shoes are, the better will be the impression you leave on people. Speaking of suave, there is no other footwear like the men’s leather shoes that can leave a great impression on people. Hence, we have listed a few dress shoes that men should have in their closet:

Oxford Shoes

This is a classic type of men’s formal shoe that is found in almost every man’s closet. It is ideal to be worn to very formal events like an official meeting, a business trip, a formal occasion and the like. It is primarily identified by a closed lacing system with stitching across the bottom. It has a very polished appearance with a low heel and a short back. From Red Chief, you can buy men’s formal Oxford shoes online made from genuine leather, that help to sport a smart and classy look.

Slip-on Shoes

These could possibly be the easiest type of formal shoes to wear and carry around. The primary reason being the fact that these do not have laces or buckles. They add a stylishly relaxed feel to the overall formal outfit. The specialty of slip-on shoes is that they can be paired along with formal suits, formal shirts and trousers and even the more casual men’s apparel like a pair of shirt and denims. Among the range of men’s leather footwear online, the slip-ons would easily be the ones that give you a perfect blend of casual and formal.

Lace-up Shoes

The lace-up leather shoes are a perfect style to wear when you don’t want to go too casual or too formal. They are not as formal as the Oxford shoes, but they have a very utilitarian vibe about the style and can be worn with different types of outfits. It has a slim silhouette and exudes a very stylish look. You can buy men’s leather shoes online on Red Chief in the lace-up design and pair it with formal shirts and trousers, shirts and denims, blazers and pants, and more.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are another type of formal shoes for men with an open lacing system. The classic leather variety of Derby shoes exude a very polished appearance which make it a perfect fit for all formal occasions. They look best when worn with men’s suits. You can also choose various colours under the Derby shoes and wear it along with casual outfits as well. Red Chief has a collection of stunning leather Derby shoes that you can buy online.

Slip-on Boots

When you think of dress shoes, you might not think of boots. But, why not? Wearing slip-on boots along with your formal wear can give a fresh, new spin to your overall appearance. Red Chief has some really swanky looking slip-on boots which are so easy to wear and carry around. The padded TPR sole of the shoes will ensure you comfort and supportive grip.

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