5 Winter Essentials Every Man Needs

The winters are here and it’s getting colder by the day. But you don’t want to just cuddle up at home, do you? It’s so much more fun to get out in the beautiful weather and enjoy the cool breeze that keeps blowing throughout the season. But, to enjoy the stunning winter season, there are some essentials that every man should carry with him to retain the much-needed heat. Here is a list of the same:

1.Leather boots

To combat the freezing temperature outside and the winter chills, leather boots are ideal. Leather, as a material, has the ability to block the cold winds and keep you warm. Hence, at your legs too, the heat will easily be maintained with leather boots or shoes. You can buy men’s leather shoes/ boots on red chief that are made in genuine nappa leather (known for its softness) and a tough PU (polyurethane) outsole. This ensures the toughness, flexibility, and breathability of the footwear.

2. Winter jackets

Nylon and polyester jackets are the best choices for the inclement weather. These materials trap the heat between your body and the garment and hence keep you warm. Red Chief has a great collection of men’s casual jackets made in nylon and polyester which they can wear on a daily basis during the winter season.

3. Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts are great layering pieces. It’s essential to have a couple of these garments with you as you can wear them both in extremely chilly weather, and also when the temperature outside is only bearable low. In the first situation, you can wear a men’s sweater or sweatshirt under a jacket to give you the extra layering, and if it is not too cold outside then you can simply wear a cotton sweater alone. You can buy men’s sweaters online in varying colours and styles on Red Chief.

4. Socks

A pair of woolen or cotton socks is most essential to protect your feet from the freezing temperature. You can also use these to add a splash of colour to your overall outfit. Red Chief has a nice collection of socks in varied colours and designs made using a cotton blend. They are stretchable, have anti-shock cushioning and are soft against the skin

5.Leather gloves

Gloves also make it to the ‘winter essentials’ list. Men need to carry a pair of these to protect their hands from getting chilly and cold.

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