4 Benefits of Wearing Lightweight Shoes

Whatever be your profession or daily routine, having a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. Imagine wearing a pair of shoes that weigh a Kg each on your feet and walking around for long hours. The thought itself is discomforting right? That is exactly why we must always make sure we buy lightweight shoes that are easy to wear. Not just the shoes, any pair of men’s footwear must be carefully designed in a way that makes them extremely easy to carry around on your feet. Here are a few reasons why you must buy lightweight shoes:


Gives good support: You cannot do with heavy shoes if you are someone involved in sports activities or someone who exercises regularly in them. It is the material of the shoe and the design, especially the arch design, sole, etc that determine how lightweight the shoe can be. Men’s casual leather shoes from Red Chief are a great choice as the rubber outsole provides better grip and surface control while the EVA midsole provides improved cushioning and keeps it lightweight.


Breathable: Whether you are going on a trek or even a casual walk in the park, having sweaty feet provides huge discomfort. Your shoes must be sweat resistant and breathable. Breathable membranes can be mesh lining or include waterproof membranes or lining.


Absolute Comfort: Needless to say, only lightweight shoes can provide you maximum comfort.

Red Chief has a range of leather shoes for men that are designed to feel very light on your feet. Explore a collection of shoes that feature leather lining and have  PU (polyurethane) sole that keeps your feet comfortable all day long.


Disease Free: Only breathable, lightweight shoes can keep your feet happy and disease free. There are many diseases that your feet can be affected with when you wear tight, heavy shoes.

Your feet could get health problems like bunion, corn, hammer toe, crossover toe, ingrown toenail and more.

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