5 Cool hues to wear this spring


The colours of spring are much like the season itself- light, airy hues, that mainly comprise the pastel versions of all rainbow colours. It’s time for men to start passing on the black and navy, and start wearing some of these cool hues this spring. So, when you are shopping for men’s shirts or t-shirts online this spring, make sure you include the following colours into your online shopping cart:


Dusty Pink

Many men have this misconception that the pink colour is truly effeminate and will not suit them. If this is what you feel, then it’s time to change that thought. Pastels and various shades of dull pink are the colours of the season and they make men look great. It imparts an understated appeal to the men wearing it.




Some colours are for all seasons, and beige is one of them. A beige casual or formal men’s shirt sheds a classic, impeccable charm on men and makes them look super stylish. If you are looking to build a wardrobe around neutral, versatile colours, then beige should be the first colour to have in your wardrobe.


Sage green

Sage green could easily be the new black! If you are the kind that does not want to wear the pinks and purples, don’t worry, your colour for the season would definitely be sage green! It’s absolutely in trend and goes easily with most colours. So, the next time you do online shopping for men’s shirts, make sure you pick one or two in sage green.



Yellow has made a comeback to the fashion scene and how! It’s certainly a tricky colour to ace but is also too strong to ignore. Pick a toned down yellow men’s shirt, pair it with black, blue or khaki jeans. Also, if you wish to wear a yellow shirt, then what better season than the bright, vibrant spring?!


Dusky Blue

All dusky shades are ‘in’ this spring! You can see people wearing them on regular days, formal events, weddings and more. No matter what the occasion is, the dusky blue shades are always present. Buy a trendy blue men’s shirt online on Red Chief and make heads turn.


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