5 Men’s Accessories to Upgrade to This Year

Get a fashion upgrade this year with an array of new, trendy men’s accessories. Here’s a list of accessories that men need to own to stay on top of the fashion game in 2019:


A wristwatch is the ultimate men’s accessory. It can totally accentuate the class of your overall look. Go for the classic stainless steel watch for the professional occasions or black-tie events, and try mixing and matching colours of watches when you are out on a more casual event.


 Ties are mostly worn to professional spaces. However, if you go for a narrower tie in less shiny and satiny fabric and in stripes or plaid patterns, then you can totally ace the casual look. Wear it slightly loosened at the top.

 Tie bars

 A tie bar mostly looks like a thing of fashion and less of function. However, they can be your life saviours at times. A tie bar is a slim piece of metal that holds your tie to the button placket of your shirt and is available in every color, shape, and design, from classic silver to fashion-forward neons.


 Sunglasses are more than just a practical accessory. Along with protecting your eyes, they enhance your overall look big time. Get a pair of Classic Wayfarers or Aviators and ace any look!

 Messenger bag

 Messenger bags are totally in vogue these days. Men going to work are replacing their briefcases and laptop backpacks with classy messenger bags. Make sure to own one this year.


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