What Shoes to Wear with Denim Jeans?

The denim jeans are a very versatile pair of pants and can be worn with different kinds of top-wear and also for a variety of occasions. These can be worn to a party along with a classy shirt, to a casual outing along with a cool t-shirt or to work paired with a formal shirt. However, to nail the denim look, wearing the right pair of shoes is also essential. From leather boots to loafers to formal shoes, the kind of footwear goes a long way in styling your overall look. Here’s a quick guide to what men’s shoes to wear with different outfits:


Boat Shoes with Jeans

Looking to create a top-notch, smart-casual look? Then, grab your Polo t-shirt, white denim jeans and pair this with your brown boat shoes for men. Boat shoes and jeans make for a killer combination as they impart both a smart and casual vibe at the same time.


Loafers with Jeans

Loafers are the perfect pair of shoes to give you a laid-back, yet classy feel. Leather loafers for men partner extremely well with jeans and impart a casual and easy vibe. You can wear the loafer-jeans combination to a formal setting as well by pairing them with a formal shirt.


Formal Shoes with Jeans 

Don’t think twice before wearing your jeans to an important meeting, as a perfect crisp shirt along with a pair of leather formal shoes at your feet can easily do the trick. Remember to choose a colour like black, brown or burgundy for your shoes so as to keep up with the formal vibe.


Boots with Jeans

Heading out on a cold, winter evening with friends? What could be a better ensemble to wear than a leather jacket, a pair of denim jeans and a pair of men’s leather boots! This is the ideal combination for the cold weather and also makes you look dapper.

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