The dos and don’ts of flip flops

Flip flops are the most casual footwear type that men can wear. There are certain places and occasions when you can wear them. Here’s a quick guide to how and when to wear men’s flip-flops:

 What to wear with men’s flip-flops

 Since flip-flops are casual footwear they should preferably be worn with casual outfits. They go best with shorts, be it a pair of chinos or a pair of denim shorts. Flip-flops also go well with casual trousers and with a pair of men’s jeans. These are generally best worn in the rainy and summer seasons.

 When to wear men’s flip-flops

 There are many occasions when flip-flops prove to be the most ideal footwear to use. For example, nothing can beat a pair of flip-flops at the beach. You want to feel most comfortable at the beach, want to tread through the sand and have a lot of fun. In this situation, flip-flops work best. Going for a casual walk in the outdoors? Quickly pull out your shorts, t-shirt, slip into your flip-flops and head out. Quick and short trips to the grocery store, gas station, coffee shop and the like can be easily done in this comfortable footwear.

 When to avoid wearing flip-flops

 This is not the most ideal footwear to use on many occasions as they are too casual. For example, never wear them to your office although they are comfortable. Most workplaces have dress codes and flip-flops are mostly not included. Other occasions where flip-flops should not be worn are business meetings, dinner dates, funerals and more.










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