4 Biggest mistakes to avoid with dress shoes

They say that the kind of shoes you wear speaks a lot about your personality, especially while sporting dress shoes. Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid while wearing men’s formal shoes so as to look you best:

1.  Don’t go for fancy colours

 With formal shoes like the Oxford shoes or Derby shoes, stick to the basic colours like black, dark brown, tan brown, navy blue and the like. Most of these colours go with your suits and other formal wear and give out a professional look overall.

2.  Don’t go for rubber shoes

 Dress shoes are all about sophistication and elegance. Rubber shoes might not work well with formal wear as they won’t give the much needed shine to your formal appearance. Leather shoes for men are the ideal dress shoes to go for as they have a unique shine and look smart.

3.  Don’t wear slip-ons

 Slip-ons are a big no-no for any kind of formal event. A business meeting or any kind of formal occasion demands men to wear formal leather shoes like the Derbies, Oxfords, Brogues, Monks and so on.



4. Don’t mismatch the shoe and suit colours

 Your shoe will serve the purpose of adding to the overall look of the man only if its colour goes with that of the formal wear. So, be extra careful about picking the right colours.

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