How to take care of leather shoes in the winter

Leather shoes are built to endure all kinds of hard weather conditions and to tread easily through all difficult terrains provided they are taken care of properly. Since leather is a natural material, it is imperative that men’s leather shoes be given proper care so as to ensure longevity.  Here are a few points to help you take care of your leather shoes in this chilly, winter season:

 Clean shoes to unclog the pores 

Leather is a natural material and hence will easily get cracked when it gets clogged with dirt and mud. Hence, clean your leather boots/ shoes using a brush and a leather cleaner. For tougher dirt and stains use soap and water and clean using a damp towel.

 Protect shoes from water damage

 Water damage can badly affect the texture of leather and hence, the overall look of your shoes. So, while you buy leather shoes for men, make sure that you also buy protector spray that will defend your shoes against wear and tear.

 Apply moisturizer

The life of your leather shoes will get shortened if the leather is prone to clogging with dirt. To avoid this it is important to moisturize and clean the shoe using a good quality moisturizer. Use a good brush or clean cloth to apply the moisturizer effectively on the shoe.

 Waterproof the shoes 

Leather is a natural material and it tends to retain a certain amount of moisture. Water can easily destroy the suppleness of your shoe’s leather and hence it is important for you to use a seal or waterproofing wax to protect the leather from water.



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