Best Striped Shirts for Men: 10 Ways to Wear & Style Stripes


Bored of wearing solid colours? Stripes would be great for you. Stripes are geometric and also regarded as the menswear staple. These look great on most guys, but to get the best out of stripes, you need to choose the right kind for your body type that matches your outfit, accordingly. 

Flaunt a little character and personality by wearing a striped shirt as per the occasion. Here you will find numerous ways to wear and style striped shirts for men:

  1. Choosing the correct stripes – Well this is the big question! You can try out with both vertical and horizontal stripes. The only thing to keep in mind is your body type. Go for vertical stripes, as it creates the illusion of a taller slimmer body, whereas the horizontal one creates the opposite illusion. 
  2. Red and white vertical stripes – This option is perfect for a casual day in the summer. You need to pair it with white trousers to spice up your look.
  3. Seersucker shirt – This can be your 9 to 5 wear stripes shirt. Stripes play nicely with dots, so next time throw on a dotted tie with your striped shirt.
  4. Stripes with your jeans – Team up your striped shirt with your everyday jeans. This pair is such a go-to classic style and never goes out of fashion. Striped pieces can easily be adapted to highlight other picks in your wardrobe.
  5. Smart casual outfit – Choosing vertical over horizontal stripes entails various benefits, helping the eye to scan up and down and offer a lengthening effect. This styling tip is crucial and beneficial for shorter height and plus-size gentlemen.
  6. With suspenders – Suspenders support well. Striped shirt with casual trouser along with suspender does wonder. Avoid wearing belt at the time you go for suspenders, as these share the same purpose. Always go for the traditional braces with leather or fabric button attachments while using suspenders. 
  7. Business outfit – Vertical stripe shirt is showy enough here. You don’t need for any exaggerations on the trousers or shoes – keep both simple and neutral. Go for plain chinos or trousers along with tan shoes. These will team-up great. 
  8. With blazer – Throw a blazer over your striped shirt. Just tuck in the shirt and pair this with suit separates or denim. This will enhance your casual look.
  9. Striped shirt with a cardigan – Pairing striped shirt with a plain, simple and thin cardigan is a perfect way to elevate the shirt without going too formal. This style works perfect for a business casual setting or for your office meeting. 
  10.  Striped shirt with striped accessories – Ties and pocket squares are great. These add a bit of the stripe detail without overpowering a look. Try to match the stripe colours to your outfit to have some connection between the pattern and the rest of your outfit.

Striped shirts for men are versatile and don’t overpower any look. Bummer’s striped shirts are widely accepted and appreciated across any dress code. Wear them throughout the year along with a bit of styling, to suit all occasions and seasons.


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