How to style white T-Shirts the right way

When it comes to styling, men aren’t considered to be as choosy as women are. Their wardrobe is simple mainly filled with some basic clothing, a white tee among one of them. A white tee is a low-cost staple that can be paired with almost everything, can be worn at any point of time irrespective of the season or occasion. They go well with almost everything, but the styling is just a bit tricky, red chief tries to make your work easier by suggesting you with a few styling tips to carry your own tee in a versatile way.

  • White T-Shirt under a shirt – Whether you tuck it in or out of the jeans, white tee goes perfectly well worn under an open shirt, making you a style icon.
  • White T-Shirt with a suit – Unable to decide what to wear under your cocktail suit, white tee comes to your rescue. Pair your it with suit and get ready to rock the event by being casually smart. Don’t forget to tuck in your tee and flaunt your style.
  • White T-Shirt with jeans – White T-shirt from Red Chief is a staple clothing that never goes out of style. Pairing it with jeans help you rock your style across the seasons. In summers, you just need to tuck in your T-shirt and be your own hero, on the contrary, when it cools down, just need layers to flaunt your style.
  • White T-Shirt with knitwear and sneakers – White T-shirt is versatile that not only looks good on its own, but glances more when layered under heavy winter knitwear. Try cool sneakers from Red Chief online to complete the look and enhance your overall personality.
  • White T-Shirt for an office meeting look – Wear your white T-Shirt with a check’s blazer paired with black chinos and loafers, and make your formal Friday comfortably stylish. Thinking about wearing a blazer on a hot afternoon, choose a linen blazer and you will be sorted.
  • T-Shirt and shorts with flip-flop – Heading to the beach or a small getaway on a summer afternoon. Shorts are here for your rescue, don’t just be so homey, rather wear a dark coloured shorts with a white tee and a flip-flop, and hit the beach in style.
  • White T-Shirt with trouser and formal shoes – Thinking of wearing your white tee for work, then try layering it with a shirt or knitwear, complete this look by wearing black shoes and trousers. This looks tremendously professional and smart.
  • White T-shirt with cargo pants – White T-Shirts with cargo pants are an easy outfit choice for men. Pair your tee with classic, neon or dark coloured cargo to create a simple, yet stylish look.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the basic ones, but indeed helpful. These are fool-proof ways that will not let you down when you wish to style your own way. White T-shirt from the Red Chief has something unique that makes you look charming and leave you among the well-dressed lot.

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