5 unique ways of styling your Hoodies

Winters have knocked the door and everyone is looking for ways to snuggle up in their regular and comfortable clothing for this chilly part of the year but missing out on style is something which can’t be compromised. Sweatshirt with hood or simply the hoodie holds a special place in every man’s wardrobe, although it was not considered as the most fashion-forward item, but it’s a staple in everyone’s closet. Read more to find out how you can add spice to your regular Hoodie and rock the weekend getaway or an official meeting.

Hoodie with Denim Jacket and Jeans

One of the best combinations is to layer your hoodie with a Denim jacket and a pair of casual jeans. You can go with just one single shade for the bottom, hoodie and denim jacket or style them with different colours. One thing to keep in mind is the fabric textures, if you are going for monochromatic colour, try experimenting with different textures for different piece of clothing.

Hoodie with Blazer and Chinos

Want to rock your official meeting in a smart chic look? pair your favourite hoodie with a blazer and chinos and you are all set for it. While selecting the right hoodie for you to wear under the blazer, always go for a fitted one for a smarter and cleaner look.

Hoodie with Bomber Jacket

For the contemporary urban outfit, try pairing your regular hoodie with a bomber jacket. This look is a bit unconventional but it will go well with basic hoodie’s basic design and bomber’s popularity. Try mixing a zip-up hoodie with your favourite bomber. Complete this look with a pair of sneakers and blue, black or grey jeans.

Hoodie with Long coat

Pairing a formal and a casual piece not only breaks the monotony but also give an edgy fashion statement. A coat is an excellent choice for those who want to stay warm and cosy and sport a classic yet modern look. Try styling your coat this weekend with a hoodie underneath with the coat’s buttons loosened. If you want to add more style, pair it with loose-fit pants and sneakers.

Hoodie with Leather Jacket

Gone are the days when leather jackets were for bikers or for street dancers. Now, leather jackets have their own charm of masculinity and acts as a sex symbol in the fashion world. To enhance the fashion statement and make your jacket look more stylish try wearing it over a hoodie and see yourself rocking the world.

In the end make the hoodie your go to piece for you to stay warm during winters and make it more fashionable by layering it with different outfits. Wear a zip-up hoodie for a fitted style and pair it with a blazer or long coat or a pullover hoodie for a loose fitted look giving an athleisure style statement. Red Chief hoodies can be worn with denim or leather jackets for an edgy or stylish look and with bomber jacket or long coat for a contemporary urban look. Complete this look with a stylish pair of boots or sneakers and jeans. You must be sure by now that how this wonderful all in one garment can add up to your style making you feel comfortable at the same time.

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