The Ideal Fit for a Men’s Sweatshirt

The origin of sweatshirt is quite crazy, tired of itchy woollen football costume the player Bennie Russel Jr. asked his father-a manufacturer of women’s and kids knit and undergarments to come up with a solution and the result immediately gained popularity and sweatshirt become the symbol of sport and comfort ever since. Winters are the perfect time to invest in some trendy sweatshirts, they not only keep you warm providing you the utmost comfort but sets your style quotient as well. You just need to get the perfect one for you to look dashing and stand apart from the lot.

Once regarded as the comfy sports garment, sweatshirt have now become a staple choice for every individual seeking comfort and style. A classic sweatshirt is versatile and can be worn with almost everything, you just need to know how to pair it and above all how to find the right fit. Sometimes a sweatshirt is too tight and sometimes it has a loose fitting, it quickly turns a fantastic outfit into a fashion-faux pas if the fit is not well. To avoid these situations, you should never stop hunting for the perfect one, though search for a great fitting sweatshirt can be a difficult task, there are certain rules to find the ideal sweatshirt fit.

  • Collar: A classic sweatshirt should have a round neck, which can go with all kinds of clothing. Keep in mind that the collar of the sweatshirt does not cut into the neck and neither should it be too tight.
  • Shoulder: To get the perfect fit, pay special attention to the placement of the shoulder seam. It should always lie on the shoulder bone.
  • Sleeves: Sleeves play an imperative role in sweatshirt fitting. For length, the sleeves should naturally reach to the wrists and cover the watch (when arms are straight). For width, the cuffs should finish just above the wrists. Make sure the sleeves are loose enough so that you can bend the arm without shortening the length.
  • Width: Sweatshirts look cool, but their fit is extremely important. Similar to the sleeves, the waistband of your sweatshirt should fit at the hip and the rest of the sweatshirt should be loose. If your sweatshirt fits too tight around your waist, then it’s time to search for the new one that is specially made for you.
  • Length: No one likes their clothes to get shrink after a few washes and same goes with the sweatshirts too. The waistband of your sweatshirt should end below the hip, not covering the bottom. To get the perfect one, always go for the quality fabric, as cheaper ones quite often shrink, which becomes quite noticeable and leaves you in despair. Here at Red Chief online, you will find a gamut of high-quality sweatshirts that are bound to fit you well and that is suitable for each occasion.

Don’t let your style quotient be compromised upon with the dip in the temperature. Get cosy and fashionable in beating the cold weather by having classic men’s sweatshirt from Red Chief online. Prep it up with prints and be stylishly ahead with our wide range.

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