Men’s Jackets which Fit all Occasions

A jacket defines the ultimate you and your personal style. It serves the very purpose that can up your ensemble in absolutely no time. Jackets are meant to be worn over the rest of your outfit that denotes your look. Men’s jacket is probably an essential item in a man’s wardrobe that won’t let the chills of winter get in your way and also your style.

Fabric is the key to a good jacket, apart from fabric, impeccable tailoring, style, fit and specially occasion is what matters, the most. Read on to know more about this men’s outerwear that has outclassed every other outfit. Red Chief has curated a list of must have jackets for men that go according to the occasion.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets, also known as jean jackets, are much in vogue since forever. Denim jackets are not just casual apparels, they are the Swiss army knife of jackets. Denim jackets are best for layering and staying warm just when the weather starts to turn but somehow, they are not for the cold weather. However, when layered with a hoodie or flannel this jacket is sufficiently warm. Denims age like a fine wine this means that you can keep them forever and they will make you happy every time you wear them. Going out for a date or just clubbing, take out your denims and rock.

Parka Jacket

Feeling cold? And also want to look cool and stylish, it’s time to pull out the Parka. This jacket type is best for colder months, and when paired with the right outfit it provides a great choice for smart casual attire. Red Chief offers a range of Parka’s in a variety of colour options and styles. We have the range that go for casual occasions with limited pockets, as too many end up making you look cheap. Parkas for men available with Red Chief look great when paired with denim jeans, chinos or dress pants.

Trench Coat

If you don’t want to give up your style and comfort, then Trench coat is for you. Trench coat bridges the gap between casual parkas and semi-formal outerwear. These are a perfect everyday wearing coat for all occasions whether it is your office party or a small get together, or you go for official meeting, Trench coat never lets you down. Best paired with chinos and quality dress shoes, you can also wear it over a nice suit for business casual situations. It always lives up to the expectations.

Puffer jacket

Puffer jackets these days are one of the most recognisable jackets. These are for those bone-chilling winter days when temperature dips to zero and even below that, thanks to their water-repellent outers and down filling. If you plan for a cosy date and don’t want to ruin the look because of chilling weather, then puffer jacket is for you.

Above are some of the different men’s jacket styles that make your day every time you give a try to any of them. So, rush to your wardrobe and try something trendy.

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