Your Perfect pair of Monsoon Shoe and Shoe Care Guide!

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Everybody loves rain, and monsoon is the best time to enjoy the same. But the primitive thing that clicks the mind is which footwear is best during rains and how to care it. You can’t miss your office and meetings irrespective of the pouring. To remain sorted and tension-free you must follow the guide that keep you ahead not only in fashion, but also on the work front too.

Get your rubber shoes:
During rains, rubber shoes are the best option. They are not only cheap and easy to come by but are also durable. Red Chief has an enormous range of rubber shoes that come in a variety of styles and designs providing that extra edge in fashion front too. The soul is made in a way that you won’t think of ignoring these, as these are made of slip-resistant technique and also provide you that firm grip even on slippery surfaces.

Caring is very important. Make sure you wipe the dirt and wet portion with a clean cloth, so that your shoe will get the proper shine and life.

Leather shoes:
In case your leather shoes got victim of the rains, then remove the insole and the shoelaces. Make use of sponge, warm water, and shoe shampoo to wash the shoes. Lastly, air dry it.

Canvas shoes:
Canvas shoes are the most comfortable for college goers and youth. And it isn’t possible for them to keep canvas shoes away even during the rainy weather. If these get wet or get dirty, then wash these in the washing machine or by hand. Set the machine to a gentle cycle, add water and detergent. Once it is washed, air dry it as usual.

Use powder:
Just like humans, shoes too need powdering. It is an easy way to make your shoes dry, they are no longer moist. We generally care about the outer of our shoes and forget about the interior like the insoles and the wall of the shoes. So, sprinkling the powder on the walls of the shoes helps absorb the moist resulting in longer life.

Use freezing technique:
Yes, you read it right. Your shoes become a reservoir for water when you ever get soaked in rain. If you plan to air drying them, then you may end up wasting some time, else you try freezing technique. Freezing wet shoes help getting shoes dry and also kill any breeding bacteria that causes the shoe to smell. This process may sound weird but putting the shoe in freezer overnight kills the bacteria that allows shoes smell.

No need to worry about your footwear as rains will not ruin them because Red Chief has mentioned above how to choose the perfect pair of shoes and how to care them. The above-mentioned shoes are specially designed to cater the rains and also to help you enjoy the weather along with looking stylish at the same time. So, slip on to a pair of stylish shoes to enjoy the rainy season.

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