Which shoe is best for formal dress?

The hunt for men’s shoes doesn’t stop with a pair of black or brown leather shoes. Today’s fashion-frolic men withstanding any age barrier are conscious about picking up the chic pair of shoes that will blissfully complement their formal attire.

If you prefer picking the exact shoes for your formal get-up, you’ve reached the right destination, where after intense research, we have shortlisted a couple of the best shoes that men can choose for their formal attire. You can be choosy about the seasonal fashion, colour combination of your dress, occasion, etc. when choosing the exact pair of formal or casual shoes for men.

Let’s take a quick jibe on the trending formal shoes for men

Oxford Shoes

Back in the 1800s, these shoes became much popular on the Oxford University campus. There were three variants among which the Cap Toe Oxford is the most common yet famous one. Previously, the students of this prestigious university were found wearing these long-laced, low heel and long-toed shoes with their uniform. Presently, Oxford shoes are popular formal shoes for men that they mostly prefer wearing at the workplace or during a corporate meeting or any formal occasion.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are another popular formal shoe, often confused with Oxford shoes. However, those who are aware of the style know the basic differences between the two breeds of shoes. Derby shoes, unlike oxford shoes, have an open lacing system. Because of the open vamp, the shoes look broader and more casual. However, men can carry their Derby boots with their formal or semi-formal attire.

Dress Boot

Like the Derby and Oxford shoes, the dress boots are quite formal. Styled since the Victorian era, and yet ruling the fashion industry as the most stylish formal shoes for stylish men. These shoes are ideal to pick with your winter suit because of the higher ankles. Your wardrobe must have a pair of dress boots if you’re much into winter fashion with formal wear.

Chukka Boots

Stylish men can easily flaunt their chukka boots with both formal and casual dresses. With a chunky sole, the chukka boots give a more casual look, however with a gregarious formal suit, you can flaunt the chukka boots to create your formal style statement even at the workplace.

Monk Straps

The 15th-century monk straps shoes have been refashioned with time. You can flaunt the single strapped with a buckle monk strap shoes made of leather with your formal attire if you’re searching for a fresh new avatar.

Fashion frolic men should also have leather slippers for men that they can show off with a simple white formal shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Men should have a pair of pumps like opera pump shoes in their wardrobe too that they can easily carry with both their formal dress and casual wear.

Always, keep a close tab on the renowned ecommerce stores showcasing the best shoes for men’s formal wear. You can get fresh updates on the newly launched formal shoes instantly!

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