An insight on how your small eco conscious initiatives can bring about a big change.

Combating a number of ecological and environmental issues on a day to day basis, witnessing how our once green earth is slowly charring and turning black under the effect of various thoughtless, environment threatening acts; invokes a sense of alarm in us, more like a wake-up call!

While on one hand, there undoubtedly is a major section of our population which is ignorant and negligent towards their duties of being responsible citizens of the earth; this blog is all about the minor yet significant section of the population who care about the environment and how their efforts and lifestyle choices bring about a change.

People have now started shifting towards a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle and thereby experiencing a sense of self-righteousness, self-satisfaction, better health and not the least to mention, it pays off financially too!

Most sections of our society are witnessing and participating in the Go Green movement, be it business organisations, financial institutions, educational institutions and even individuals at a personal level.

People are now accepting eco-conscious practices with open arms and are thereby contributing to making this world a better place to live in.

Lifestyles are drastically changing nowadays. People have started giving up their cars and are using bikes instead for travelling to and from their workplaces too! Eco-conscious practices such as water conservation, planting trees, sustainable living, grocery shopping from farmer’s market, and inclination towards buying recycled and green products, are becoming popular in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Apart from individualistic efforts, organisations and brands like Red Chief should also be appreciated for their efforts toward being eco-conscious. For their part in this endeavour and also for evoking the same thought process in the minds of their customers, they have come up with a sub-brand of ecological men’s footwear named Eco Energy.

Their concept is to bring nature close to the urban man who is too caught up in his life to take a break and go close to nature. They have adopted practices which result in less effluent emission and treatment. Their soles are completely biodegradable and cause no damage to the environment when discarded. Moreover, if not to be discarded, they can be recycled and reused. Also, processes like vegetable tanning of leather have been followed which are completely environment-friendly!

Small steps like these ultimately cause major changes to occur. Therefore, we should always be supportive of such practices and promote them by incorporating them into our own lives. Only then can we achieve bigger and desired goals of redeeming ourselves. There is so much we keep on taking from nature, with our conscious efforts we should try to give it back!

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