Break boundaries and shock yourself before you take the world by the storm, because it is hidden somewhere inside you, you just have to find that hero!

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a nagging feeling that you want to bring about some change? That you want to matter, be iconic, be your savior… to be the hero in your life?! If the answer to any of these questions is a loud and simple “yes” then rest assured, you are on the right page!

“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extra ordinary”

If not anything else, this quotation gives you a lot of hope! After all who was Neerja Bhanot but an ordinary air hostess? When she needed a hero, she became one! And that is exactly what you should do!

For all the times when you feel helpless and turn your head frantically around looking for a savior, searching for a hero; stop looking for that hero outside and wake up the one which is inside you and has always wanted to come out!

There is a very thin line between being ordinary and being extra ordinary, and this life is too small and unpredictable to live on the former side of that line. Be bold, fierce, strong, independent, brave, confident, be what the situation demands you to be! Voice out your opinion, take risks, defy norms, help those who still haven’t found their paths to be their own heroes, and by this you will find and discover yourself like nobody ever could have and nobody ever will!

There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, which makes human nature rise above and beyond itself. And we hope that this blog helped you in liberating that hero within you…

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