Live on the Edge A Journey To The Freezing And Challenging Land Of Kaza

“Oh! Those vast, calm and measureless days in the mountains, days in whose light everything seemed equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us the God that exists within…

Maneuvering through the roads, the reverberance of the bike, once we twist the throttle to its fullest, rejuvenating our souls… we found ourselves on a journey which became a priceless treasure in the depth of our memories and a breath of fresh air in the monotony of our lives…”- Pramod Chauhan, DBATG.

Live on the Edge

Red Chief has always idealized and centralized the youth as their inspiration. Our heart beats on their heart’s rhythm and sometimes… just sometimes we feel that this beat is losing its bass, this beat is losing its boom and we cannot see that zeal die… We want the thud of our youth’s heart to boom so loud that the world vibrates under the intensity of their passions.

All we see nowadays is a rat race for everything in life… for a good college, then for the grades, then for placements and finally reliving life on a loop and fixing schedules according to jobs… Where are your passions? Why are they being buried so deep that they have to gasp for air? Why has stability become your only priority…?

Live on the Edge

It was time to reverse the roles, time for us to guide the youth towards their passions… it was time we made them realize how beautiful life can be, how thrilling uncertainty is and how following one’s passions satiates one’s soul. We organized a motor biking expedition to Kaza where the real life experiences of our riders would take the youth closer to their own dreams.


Live on the Edge’ motor biking expedition was all about enjoying the unpredictability of life, how even at gravest ‘on-the-tip-of-the-knife’ situations life can be beautiful and full of pleasures. We at Red Chief joined hands with a few biking enthusiasts from the NCR, for this endeavor and the riders started this expedition on their bikes towards the land of Kaza which is submerged in snow.

Live on the Edge

Very well aware of the adverse conditions, the freezing temperature as low as -34°C and the unpredictability that lay ahead of them, the team flagged off with enthusiasm and smiles which would only increase. They were going mad only imagining about living and experiencing life on the edge, to fight all obstacles and live the adventure that was about to begin.

To know more about their passions and what obstacles are stopping them to pursue their dreams, we tried to converse with those young enthusiastic hearts and they poured their hearts out to us. Following are some excerpts from the deeply sentimental instances of their life before, on and after the journey…

Live on the Edge

“With a responsibility of being newly married and the added expectations of my parents for me to join the family business, my heart and mind were both in conflict. Looking at my wife’s innocent face, a face which showed trust in me and how dependent she was on me, I realized that I was nothing on my own. But no matter how hard I would try, a desk job or the same schedule 24×7 was not my cup of tea.

I long for a life driven by passion, met by uncertainties and moments that constantly redefine my ideologies.

Live on the Edge

Motor-biking has been my passion since as long as I can remember. The thrills of waking up someday, kicking your bike start and setting off to places unknown, is all the high that I want in my life. But I could never find an opportunity or resources to do something so big that would change my life completely.

Red Chief came into my life like a boon from the heart of heavens. They were running a campaign titled ‘Live on the Edge’ under which they wanted to inspire today’s youth to be more adventurous and lively and to experience the beauty of the unpredictability of nature. They wanted to instill a sense of power and control in the youth over their own lives and to make them realize that walking in a herd will never satiate the hunger of their passionate souls. Under this campaign, not only did they provide us with the greatest opportunity of our lifetime but also sponsored our motor-biking expedition to Kaza, the land of wanderlust.  We were overjoyed to get our hands on this once in a lifetime opportunity, and were all set to give it our best. The journey was supposed to start on the 7th of January 2017, marking an exquisite start for our new year.” – Pramod Chauhan (Biking Enthusiast)

Live on the Edge

The journey was witnessed by many highs and lows. The team encountered a lot of problems with the bikes, scow covered tracks, slipping on black ice, unavailability of liquid form of water, jammed engines, freezing cold weather, low availability of oxygen causing nausea and dizziness, off roads and what not… but when they came back the first thing they talked about was the feeling of spirituality and soul satisfaction when they reached Kaza after facing all of this and raised our flag high in the sky. Their faces were covered with huge smiles showing the glee their souls felt after pursuing their passions…

And that is how you should live too! Like this adventure, your life is also unpredictable, you do not know which moment will be your last, and since you have just one life to live you should make the most of it. You should stop fearing the obstacles but embrace them when they come, you’ll feel invincible when you conquer something you thought was impossible; be brave and smile in the face of adversities for its only after a storm that sunshine gives true pleasure; live on the edge for its only then that you would realize how small and precious life is and you should not waste it by playing safe, you should run after your dreams, let your passions drive you, just like Red Chief does..

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