Summer is coming! Here are 5 important tips to look cool. important tips to look cool

Summer is the time to be outside, be free. No more layers and layers of clothing, you can simply put a t-shirt on and be good to go for the day or night. But not everything is great about summer. Tan, sweat and not a lot of clothes to style make it tough to look and be cool under the blazing hot sun. We have listed out 5 important tips to look cool as a cucumber this summer:

Get Some Shade

There’s nothing more simple yet effective than a pair of shades, in terms of looks as well as utility. Get yourself a cool pair of shades that will not only make you look dapper but save your eyes and face from any sun damage. If you don’t wear sunglasses, not only the sun’s rays will harm your skin and eyes but you also tend to squint a lot. Squinting can cause fine lines and make your skin look older. So get a good quality pair of sunglasses that suit you. It is really important that the sunglasses suit your face shape and look good. Try some pairs and get some opinions on what looks good on your face before buying a pair.

Wear Light

Find lighter clothes that aren’t just shorter but the material is also lighter and more breathable. Cotton and linen are some of the lighter materials that you can rock in the summer. Avoid synthetic materials like nylon, rayon etc that don’t absorb sweat and hence make you feel warmer and more sweaty. You can get light and absorbent material t-shirts, shirts, chinos and even suits that will keep you cool in the hot summer.

Go Sockless

Get a pair of leather flip-flops or low top shoes like loafers or boat shoes. High tops and closed shoes don’t go well with summer. Get a stylish yet more breathable pair of footwear like flip-flops or slip on shoes like loafers, moccasins, boat shoes etc that will not only make your feet feel cooler but also your ankles. While going absolutely sockless with any shoes isn’t recommended, you can get a pair of loafer-socks or no-show socks that will give you the sockless look without having to go sockless.

Get a Hat

Every man irrespective of age, height, size, shape should own at least one baseball hat or a similar cap or hat. It not only protects you from the sun but also acts as a cool accessory to pull that laid-back summer look. In a lot of cases a hat works even better than sunscreen. An added benefit is that you can still look cool on bad hair days or days when you just don’t feel like putting any effort in looking good.

Wear More Colours

Winter is the time when you’re wearing dark, warm colours and rightfully so. But in summertime you get the liberty to go bonkers with the colours (to some extent) and try new shades. You can pull off primary colours, light colours, bright colours and the classic monotone equally well. So get yourself some nice t-shirts, chinos and chino shorts in a ton of colours.

Time to say goodbye to winters and get summer ready. Follow these tips and beat the heat in the most stylish way possible!

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