How to choose hiking shoes

Hiking or trekking through rugged and difficult terrains can get too exhausting if you are not accompanied by the right pair of hiking shoes. It’s your feet that bear the brunt of the hard work you do, and hence if they are not supported by appropriate padding and protection, your journey can get very difficult. It’s most advisable to buy men’s leather shoes for hiking. However, choosing hiking boots is not that easy either. Here are five things to keep in mind while choosing hiking shoes:

Pick the right design

There are different types of hiking shoes available for different types of treks. What a mountain hiker needs is not what a casual hiker needs, in terms of shoes. So, knowing the difference is imperative for you to have a comfortable experience. If you are traversing rocky territories, glacial trails or even the rainforests, then you can pick from the Rockwolf shoe collection on Red Chief. For a more casual trek, you can go for the Powerflex range of leather shoes on Red Chief, that is designed to have a highly padded collar, upper and footbed which provides extreme 360° comfort and flexibility.

Don’t go wrong with the material

When it comes to hiking boots, going for the right material is of utmost importance. You wear the wrong material on your feet, and you’re bound to feel very uncomfortable, hot and sweaty. The best choice for a hike is leather, the reason being the fact that it is a very breathable material, very durable, comfortable and lightweight.

Get the right cut

The kind of cut your hiking shoe comes with is an important matter of consideration. If all you are going for is a casual, long walk, you can go for the low-cut shoes. These are lightweight and very similar to running shoes. If you are heading for a slightly more difficult hike, go for the mid-cut leather hiking shoes for men, as they provide you with ankle support and balance, as well as better buffer from debris along the trail. A difficult hike on a rugged terrain definitely calls for a pair of high-cut shoes. These provide optimal balance and ankle support and is perfect for the adventurous hiker.

Give your new hiking shoes a test run

No matter how good your new hiking shoes look, buying them and heading straight to the trail is a bad idea. Once you get them in your hands, wear them and go for a test run to know how exactly they feel on your feet. They should make you feel comfortable, give you 360 degree support and not have your feet all hot and sweaty.

The Powerflex and Rockwolf range of leather shoes from Red Chief are specially designed to help you have a smooth hiking/ trekking experience. These are built with a dynamic fit and crossover style to provide structure, stability and ankle support. They also have sweat-resistant inner lining, anti-bacterial socks, a bellow’s tongue to keep dust and debris away and punch on leather for better air circulation.

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